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pfSense documentation recap

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This is in response to my previous post about pfSense documentation in which I chastised pfSense for poor documentation…

As I was browsing around looking for the details of contributing to the project, I found the found the following on the About -> Helping Out page:

We can always use help with creating documentation. If you would like to assist, please email [ … ] for an account on our documentation wiki. Unfortunately spam bots have forced us to close open editing and registration and we have not had a chance to implement a captcha or similar measures to allow this while keeping out the relentless spammers.

That’s fair enough.  Fair enough to make me feel like an asshat for my previous derision.  Indeed, I e-mailed the wiki admin, and they created my account within the day.  My only excuse is that I could not (and still cannot) find anything to this effect on the pfSense wiki itself.  There’s only the page that suggests e-mailing your contribution.

Excuses aren’t enough, though, so apologies to the pfSense community and a big F– to me for blathering on without all of the facts.

Written by Lee Verberne

2008/09/09 at 02:19

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