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rsyslog and logwatch don’t play well together

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Notice a hell of a lot fewer log messages being reported since you’ve upgraded to a modern syslog supporting RFC 3339-style high-precision timestamps?  Yeah, me too.

It seems as though logwatch doesn’t support these timestamps, so it silently filters out all messages recorded by my rsyslog daemons.  What’s worse is that I can’t easily figure out a way to disable that behavior.  It’s implemented using an executable filter, and — while there’s plenty of documentation about how to override configuration in /etc/logwatch — there’s no documentation about how to *remove* a filter.

Oh well.  I never much liked logwatch, anyway.  I mostly don’t like any log monitoring scheme that requires me to read through hundreds of daily e-mails that almost always report everything is normal.  That’s not sustainable…

Written by Lee Verberne

2009-07-21 at 20:09

Posted in Linux

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