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OpenBSD creating additional ptys

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I like a lot of windows.  A lot of them.  Today I bumped into a default limit on OpenBSD 4.8 and tmux(1) started returning “No such file or directory” when I attempted to create a new window.  This turned out to be a simple thing to solve, though.

By default, OpenBSD only creates 63 pseudo-terminals in /dev.  Luckily, creating additional ptys is as simple as:

# cd /dev
# ls -1 | grep -c pty
# sh MAKEDEV pty1
# sh MAKEDEV pty2
# sh MAKEDEV pty3
# ls -1 | grep -c pty

You can keep going up to pty15 for a total of 992 ptys.

Written by Lee Verberne

2011-03-16 at 10:21

Posted in BSD

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  1. Thank you for posting this – I came across this problem on an AuthPF system. Worked like a charm to add more pseudo terminals.

    Leslie Richardson

    2012-03-27 at 10:55

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