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Kubernetes e2e tests and feature gates

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Today I had to remind myself how the Kubernetes test-infra interacts with features. Unlike with the unit tests, feature gates for the e2e tests are frequently set externally by the CI test definitions rather than the test themselves. Tests that rely on features not set by default are tagged using [Feature:$name] and excluded from the default presubmit tests.

In my case I was adding a test an alpha feature to the e2e node tests. SIG node maintains test configuration that will run tests tagged [NodeAlphaFeature:$name] with --feature-gates=AllAlpha=true, so all I had to do was tag my new tests and remember to set TEST_ARGS="--feature-gates=$name=true" when running locally.

Written by Lee Verberne

2021-06-30 at 20:20

Posted in Kubernetes

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