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Dell OMSA quick links

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In my recent web scour, here are the most useful links for a minimal install of Open Manage Server Administrator to keep an eye on storage status.

Random Notes for OMSA & Dell Update Packages on CentOS 5:

  • Use the more recent OpenIPMI package from Dell’s yum repo
  • Dell Update Packages rely on libstdc++-33.i386 (which is documented) but also libxml2.i386 & procmail (which is not)

Written by Lee Verberne

2011-03-14 at 13:44

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Dell embraces and extends command line utilities

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From Dell’s OMSA Manual:

Use the omreport -? command to get a list of the available commands for omreport.

Really, Dell?  You’ve decided to go another way on the whole CLI thing?  That’s cool, I’m sure there wasn’t any good reason every other Unix utility uses -h for help.  Oh wait…

# ./omreport -?
zsh: no matches found: -?
zsh: exit 1 ./omreport -?

Thanks Dell. What I needed was another special case in my life.

Written by Lee Verberne

2011-03-14 at 11:04

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