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Ephemeral Containers and Kubernetes 1.22

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Today we changed the API for Ephemeral Containers in Kubernetes. It’s a setback for those who were hoping for an Ephemeral Containers beta to get the feature enabled in production clusters, but I’m glad we took the time to change it while the feature is still in alpha. The new API use the simpler, well-known pattern that the kubelet uses to update Pod status through a separate subresource. It was quick to implement since it’s actually the same as a prior prototype.

SIG Auth requested the change during the 1.21 release cycle to make it easier for Admission Controllers to gate changes to pods, but my favorite part is that API reference docs will be simpler since we got rid of the EphemeralContainers Kind that was used only for interacting with the ephemeralcontainers subresource.

It’s a large change, though, so the right thing is to hold the revised API in alpha for at least a release to gather feedback. That means the earliest we’d see an Ephemeral Containers beta is 1.23: pretty far from the 1.7 cycle when we started and 1.16 where the feature first landed in alpha. I wonder if that’s a record.

In the mean time, let’s implement all of the feature requests and have nothing left to do in 1.23. Next up: configurable security context.

Written by Lee Verberne

2021-04-22 at 21:23

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